Water droplets in the tank

Update:18 Oct 2017

   Can be used toothpaste or talcum wipe, the market there are special grinding paste to remove water spots and rust spots.
   When cleaning the sink, use a mild detergent, wipe with a soft brush or cloth, and avoid using abrasives (such as wire brushes). Especially enamel surface should not scratch with sharp knife.
   It is best to use strong detergency hot water rinse. Stubborn stains, paints or asphalt can be removed with pine resin or paint thinner. Strong acid or strong alkaline substances easy to make the surface luster, sink, faucet to avoid contact.
   Some high-grade ceramic sink surface through a special material treatment to reduce the hanging of water and dirt residue, cleaning should also refer to the above approach.
   If you do not install the food residue processor, should be placed in the outlet water filter network to facilitate the cleaning of vegetable residue, to avoid blocking the sewer.
   Properly adjust the faucet's faucet position, configure the shower or cover cover to avoid water stains.
   After the sink and faucet are cleaned, use a soft, clean cotton cloth to keep the surface dry and long as new.