Tank maintenance

Update:11 Oct 2017

   The newly purchased sink can be coated with a layer of animal or vegetable oils to minimize the contact between the tank surface and the corrosive substance.
   Rinse the sink with sponge or cotton cloth. If you use detergent, scrub it gently with a neutral detergent;
   If the trapped water produces mineral deposits, it can be removed with a low concentration of vinegar solution and completely cleaned with water.
   The decoration will not dumping waste in the sink, do not use cleaning products containing chlorine ingredients such as bleach cleaning tank, the melt containing silver containing sulfur, hydrochloric acid and detergent or photographic chemicals or solder etc. If fall into the tank should immediately rinse;
   Do not scrub with a steel ball tank, avoid leaving scratches on the surface, and the metal particles of lead to rust in the basin wall;
   Do not use rubber pads, because the dirt under the rubber mat is very difficult to clean.