Advantages of integrated sinks

Update:24 Oct 2017

Advantages of a reasonable use of space: conventional home kitchen decoration, sinks, faucets, water supply and drainage pipelines, garbage processors and their pipelines, water purifiers and their pipelines, are the installation of the project staff placed, mixed water and electricity, an insecure , Two beautiful, three unreasonable. The integrated sink through a scientific and rational design, unified installation standards, standardized production can provide a better solution.

Advantages Second, functional integration: a product with a variety of product features, not only can not use in the kitchen to move back and forth frequent switch, and the price of a product at the time of purchase is much lower than the sum of the price of a variety of products. Through the integration of product features to achieve the product distribution channels, customer procurement channels of integration, saving social resources.

Advantages Third, the convenience of after-sales service: the purchase of a variety of products through different channels and businesses, the aftermarket cost is also high, different products need to find a different business, businesses do not match each other, prevarication, to the user to bring indirect costs , Integrated sink a single channel, any one part of the problem only to find a business can solve, easy to worry.

The advantages of four, fashion Shuxin: integrated sink through the careful design and production of the manufacturers, changed the past in order to decoration "travel" what things have to calculate the user selection, different product style is not the same, with the often "soil Gun with guns "neither fish nor fowl, and integrated sink through the overall design, integrated layout, the use of classic style, leading the kitchen decoration fashion trend.

Advantages of five, full-featured, integrated sink not only to complete the ordinary sink cleaning function, can provide direct drinking water, garbage disposal function. Food waste no longer soup soup all the way to the door, directly from the outlet, saving environmentally friendly and convenient; winter without the use of biting cold water to clean, kitchen supplies 24 hours hot water wash your hands, care;

Advantages Six, duplex design, superb craftsmanship, easy and convenient operation: integrated tank rear baffle overall connection, double flanging, strengthen the structure, the greater the strength, carrying more, seamless process, completely solve the tableware hanging drip, the wall Surface accumulation of dirt, the back of the table and the wall between the water seepage and other problems. Integrated water tank rear baffle on the rack, made of aviation aluminum alloy material, corrosion resistance, beautiful and durable, and the use of interactive use of three-dimensional three-dimensional space, extending the use of the function of the sink. Home food cooking kitchen human design, easy and convenient operation, not only can hang a variety of cutlery and cutting board, the upper side can also be placed a variety of seasoning bottles, with integrated stove side, cooking cooking can easily twist to.