The kitchen sink has blocked some misunderstandings

Update:09 Jan 2018

Some friends found that Handmade Sink was blocked up, and they liked to poke it with a wooden stick. It must be very wrong. It will not only solve the problem, but also stab and grow stronger. If the vertical pipe can be bent into a wire in front of a small hook, and then the water is removed by wire hook out impurities. If not resolved, will enlarge the first half basin of water in the sink, and then sink group cloth into a ball, hands in the water will sink under water pressure on the cloth, like breathing like a press, general small problems can fix, but also can be solved by the plungers. Kitchen sink
If the plug is stronger, then we can use a hand pipe dredger to dredge. Method of use is the first anti clockwise screw stop screw, and then in the spring is pulled out of the sewer pipe, till the obstacle, then pulled out of the 10 cm spring, tighten the screw check, optional handle, and pressure, when fully inside, loosen the screw bolts in check, and then pulled out 10 cm spring...... In this way, the problem can be solved by repeated movement until the sensation of the handle is easy, which indicates that it has passed through the block and slowly pulled up. It can be solved in this way when the common sink pipe or toilet pipe is blocked.
The alkali dissolve agent is not good, the oil is clogging and plugging there. There must be no alkalinity. Acidity, or hot water. So, I treated all the alkali water and took the water into it. I know the water pipes are all hot inside. Then mix, put detergent. Then the water is served, and then, after the sponge is blocked and the vacuum is done, it can be passed.