Sink buy seven tips

Update:03 Jan 2018

Tip one: the size of the sink
Length down no problem to be aware of, but the width is very important, the width of the table to refer to the width of the counter, the standard width of the table 55CM and 60CM two, all things special, the majority of the old house countertops 50CM. 55CM countertops selected sink width should be less than 45CM, 60CM countertops selected sink width only need not exceed 50CM can be installed, but 50CM countertops selected sink width is narrower, the widest can not exceed 41CM, This is very important.
Tip two: the material of the sink
Sinks, also known as kitchen sinks, are made of 304 grade steel, because 304 has a low carbon content and is therefore more flexible in steel. Several brands of sinks use 304 Steel, sink thickness of 1.0mm.
Trick three: sink consumption
Sinks are mainly two ways to consume, one is a one-time stamping made of water, there is a welded, sub-welding at the bottom of the welding, the middle of the welding, welding and other stamping made of a sink Preferred, it's good sealing, but the depth of the sink is not welded deep, the depth is usually not more than 18mm and the deepest depth of welding can reach 21mm, so customers friends to choose a little deeper sink, we must pay attention to the welding How tight is the level of sealing.
Tip 4: Whether to maintain the bottom of the sink coating
The bottom of the tank to add maintenance coating is used to silence and prevent condensation of water. The better coating is to spray the entire back of the tank with mortar. Normally, a rubber gasket is used to attach it to the bottom, and it can also play a silent effect.
Tip five: sink device way
There are two kinds, on stage and under the table type, so the sink there are two kinds of pots on the basin and the basin under the table, are generally made on stage type, but the style of the stage quietly scraped in recent years, Under the stage of the more attractive, giving a fresh feel, easier to take care of the table up, but the cabinet company to do the next station to receive more processing fees. Usually both on the stage pots can be made on stage, but also made under the table, and under the basin can only be made under the table type.
Tip six: the appearance of the sink disposal
Sink after the appearance of the disposal, the ability to greatly enhance the oil, the common is the matte side, pearl silver side, swirl surface, each with its own characteristics.
Tip seven: sink the water accessories
Sewer pipe to choose the PVC pipe to be good.