The Advantages of Cadia Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

Update:18 Jan 2018

Cadia stainless steel kitchen faucet does not contain lead, and acid, alkali, free from corrosion, does not release harmful substances, will not pollute your water source. Beneficial to human health, health, environmental protection. Copper faucets will contain varying degrees of lead and growth of copper rust. , Pollute your water source. The market's "lead-free copper" is the meaning of "low lead content" and is not really lead-free.

Cadia stainless steel kitchen faucet surface does not require electroplating, and its surface only needs to be polished to show its stainless steel color, will always maintain a silver-white luster, never rust. The polished stainless steel surface with 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, as long as you use a clean water wipe, it is clean and beautiful, luxurious as new. Stainless steel kitchen utensils, tableware popular around the world. Stainless steel hardness, toughness than 2 times higher than copper. Never rust, never corrode, never deform. Follow your faithfulness, remain unchanged for a hundred years, never betray. The best treatment of copper products surface is peeling plating: nickel and chromium plating. The quality of the plating layer depending on its merits, faster one year, slow 3 to 10 years gradually lose the surface luster, pitting, the final plating peeling, exposed copper rust. Not durable.

Increasing awareness of human environmental protection, the import of copper faucet more stringent requirements. In exports to foreign markets, cadia stainless steel kitchen faucet has a huge advantage. The domestic market has great potential, such as: the introduction of aluminum pipe production line, aluminum-plastic water pipe has long been popular in the domestic market. Guangzhou has a long-term plan to build tap water for direct drinking. People's health and environmental awareness greatly improved, while promoting the development of stainless steel faucets.

At present, 99% of foreign high-grade faucets are made of copper only. The trend of making faucets with stainless steel has just begun. Many domestic plumbing equipment manufacturers have long been developed with cadia stainless steel production faucet, but because of its hardness, toughness, casting and cutting machining of stainless steel is much more difficult than the high cost. The consumer groups that equip stainless steel faucets with home kitchens will appear in large numbers in the world. The advent of stainless steel kitchen faucet, faucets will lead to the production and consumption of the new trend. Copper high-priced faucet will face major challenges in price and material quality.

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