Stainless steel sink size introduction

Update:28 Nov 2017

Sink size we are not unfamiliar, each sink has its own size, when buying a sink sink size is a very important point, you need to buy the right size sink is suitable for installation, or else can not be installed , Or need to replace the appropriate sink or re-install a suitable counter to be able to install. So the sink size is very important.

In fact, the size of the sink is generally divided into the overall size of the sink and sink hole size. The overall size refers to the size of the entire sink, while the hole size refers to the size of the sink sink, for which we must make it clear. Under normal circumstances, the tank will indicate the overall size and the size of the hole. However, in some cases, only one size is marked. In general, only one size is marked, and the size refers to the size of the opening. Of course, when we encounter the purchase of a sink only one size, it is best to consult the clear, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Sink standard size

Sink standard size: 800x450mm, 500x450mm; now are larger, double basin 920 * 460mm, single basin 500 * 450mm.

The choice of sink is to pay attention to a lot of aspects, such as the material of the sink, the sink is good or bad, the sink function, and sink size and so on. In the choice of sink when the size of the sink size is also need to pay attention.

Because the sinks are of different sizes, different families have different sizes of kitchen space, and some families may have larger kitchen space, while others may be smaller, and therefore need to be based on specific conditions Choose the size of the sink.

Stainless steel sink size

1, the general single-slot stainless steel sink for the 60 * 45cm, 50 * 40cm is relatively small;

2, the size of the double groove general 88 * 48cm, 81 * 47cm is more common;

3, three trough is generally 97 * 48cm, 103 * 50cm is more common.