Faucet installation in the end need to pay attention to what aspects?

Update:21 Nov 2017

1, before installing the tap need to drain, wash the sediment in the water pipes to remove impurities in the installation hole, and check the box does not mix with accessories, so as not to block or wear ceramic spool.
2, with metal hose to connect the water pipes, do not need to consider the installation of water pipes, but need to be aware that the length of the hose is usually 30cm (import size, individual brand or hard tube), with metal hard pipe to connect the pipes, You should first buy the tap, and then according to the size of the length of the faucet to lay the water pipe, of course, from the service life, the hose is better than the hose, the same time, when installing the sink faucet, such as water pipes laying in the sink above Installed into the wall sink faucet is the best, otherwise the general sink to install the faucet.
3, the leading import related parts requirements and domestic bibcock different. Generally imported faucet pipes have soft and hard points, and the hose (stainless steel braided tube) most, the activities of the nut end of the British 3/8 inches, and its match can only choose to import the triangular valve, in addition, the water component The orifice is 11/4 inch.
4, when taking over, the left is hot water, the right is cold water, two pipe 100mm-200mm apart. After the water inlet connector fixed position and then remove the faucet, to be completed after the wall plaster, and then install the faucet, so as not to faucet surface coating is worn, scratched. If you use the shower and the like imported products, pre-installed booster pump to ensure that the water is normal.