Sink size selection

Update:05 Dec 2017

Kitchen space, keel spacing first determines the size of the sink. Single tank is often the kitchen space is too small family choice, in the use of more inconvenience, can only meet the most basic cleaning functions; dual-slot design is widely used in the home, either two or three rooms, both slots can To meet the needs of separate cleaning and conditioning needs, but also due to the appropriate space and become the first choice; three-slot or slot because of the multi-shaped design, more suitable for the personality style of the kitchen, very practical, because it can simultaneously soaking or washing As well as storage and many other features, but also make food raw and cooked separately, save time and effort.
In the modern kitchen design, the functional area of the kitchen sink has been significantly expanded, and where the sink and cabinet meet, a work area has been created that even allows the sink to be stored. Of course, the shape of the console also determines the shape of the sink to a certain extent. For example, the T-shaped console is often installed with T-shaped sinks at the corners in order to save space and save labor.