Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Takes You Familiar with Sink Installation

Update:24 Aug 2018

Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Cadia is a professional sink manufacturer. Below we will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of the on-site installation of the sink. On-stage installation of the stainless steel sinks are the most common way to install them. According to the length and width of the sink, each 30mm is removed to open the countertop. It does not need to be precise and can be stuck.

The advantage of the on-slot slot is that it is "easy to install."

1. Easy to install and replace, remove the sealant and remove it.

2. The sink is all placed on the countertop, and the display rate and utilization rate are as high as 100%.

3. Applicable to any type of countertop, with less damage to the countertop and cabinet, and the best stability and reliability.

4. The cabinet space below the sink is about 3cm higher than other methods. After all, sometimes adding a small kitchen treasure and a water purifier is a little bit worse.

However, no matter how many advantages can not stop its fatal flaws "difficult to take care of." Because the water tank rises above the table, a step is formed at the joint, and a glass seal is required, which causes water and dirt to be deposited here, and is also prone to mold and black. This means that you can clean the entire kitchen, but this dark circle of glass glue can not be removed.

In general, the on-slot is suitable for people who occasionally cook and clean themselves. If you choose to install on stage, we recommend: Try to choose a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with a flat edge and a smooth curve. "The manual groove has no curling, and the machine groove has a high curling edge" to minimize the chance of hiding dirt. The kitchen special waterproof and mildewproof glass glue is used, and the workers are often inferior by default.