Problems in the Process of Installing the Handmade Sink

Update:28 Aug 2018

There are several problems in the process of installing the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink. Everyone needs to pay attention to it. Pay attention to the following problems to better avoid the undesirable phenomena during use.

1, the stainless steel handmade sink is installed in the kitchen renovation

The installation of the stainless steel sink should be left at the end of the kitchen renovation. The installation of the stainless steel sink is not a big project. Prepare the stainless steel sink for the prepared items and install them. After the stainless steel sink is ready, install the installer directly.

2. The water pipe must be drained during installation.

It is necessary to drain the water from the water pipe before installing the water tank. If the water of the water pipe is not drained during installation, it will cause water leakage and rust in the water tank in the future.

3, the faucet must be firm when installed

This point is very important for everyone to pay attention to, when installing the stainless steel sink must pay attention to the firmness of the joint, but also pay attention to the location of the hot and cold water pipes, do not make a mistake. If the installation is not strong, there will be gaps near the stainless steel sink, causing water leakage.

4, need to be cleaned after installation

The Stainless Steel Countertop Sink must be cleaned after the installation is completed, and the debris during installation should be thoroughly rinsed. In addition, the smudges that are easy to see in the daily stainless steel sink can be treated like this. The stainless steel sink should be cleaned with warm water, washing liquid and soft cloth after use. The usual stains can be removed immediately; the usual stains such as garbage and cream are slightly polluted and should not be used. Use a strong detergent to clean; foods that easily contaminate the stainless steel sink, such as tea, coffee, juice, etc., should be washed immediately with water or detergent to prevent alkaline deposits from remaining in the stainless steel sink.