Sinks to determine the merits

Update:26 Dec 2017

Pros and cons of sink depends on how the production process. The existing process is divided into two types of welding and forming, welding quality is the most important factor affecting the life of the sink, to be close, no Weld; forming a more advanced is also very popular, but the production process is difficult, 0.7mm-1.0 mm thickness of the best, to achieve the perfect combination of strong and weak elastic, optional as a standard; surface smoothness followed by the surface roughness, the line of sight and consistent with the sink plane, the sink should not afford the convex edge, the error is less than 0.1mm; Accessories There are accessories, PP material or UPVC hard sewer pipe sealing high, to prevent leakage; sewer nozzle is required positioning, squeeze seal and Taiwan-controlled dewatering Fast storage of water; overflow device to ensure the safety of the kitchen; also have muffler treatment, muffler pad or muffler coating is a good way; sink depth at the same time compared to European and American families, we used to thicker, So the depth of the sink also need to consider, 180mm-200mm more appropriate.
Sink must have a basket, to prevent blocking the water and easy to clean; Sink into the sink must make S bend, or back to taste; leading handle must be large, easy to clean, it is best to use the arm to push the kind of convergence.