Sink material selection.

Update:19 Dec 2017

Sinks on the market are mostly stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, etc., where to choose the sink material should be considered with the kitchen decoration style and the integration of room tones. Stainless steel sink to use the most, not only because of the price with a variety of grades easy to choose, and the metal texture of stainless steel is quite modern look, can reach the wild effect, but also easy to clean, light weight, at the same time with corrosion resistance, Moisture resistance and other advantages. The newest popular stainless steel matte sinks and stainless steel embossed sinks have become the darlings of western kitchens that overcome the shortcomings of water marks and scratches and have good sound absorption for a better look and of course higher prices . Artificial stone sinks, often referred to as acrylic sinks, are stylish, corrosion-resistant, malleable and have no seams at corners, and are milder than the metal texture of stainless steel sinks. And acrylic rich colors to choose from, with the overall kitchen, but be careful when using, sharp cutlery and rough things will scratch the surface and destruction of finish. Ceramic sink is very noble temperament, the disadvantage is low water absorption, if water infiltrates the ceramic, will have expansion and deformation.
In addition to the three commonly used materials, there are cast iron, steel enamel, fine drawing and other high-grade material sink, their artistic decorative effect is outstanding, with many advantages, but rare in the market.