Pros and Cons of Handmade Sink Understage Installation

Update:16 Aug 2018

The installation of the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink is divided into a full under and a half. The installation of the whole table requires fine opening of the table top, completely hiding the sink along the bottom, and the faucet needs to be directly installed on the table. Part of the sink edge will be exposed under the half platform, and the joint between the countertop and the sink will be exposed and form a step. Occasionally there is such a semi-package under-stage installation, everyone basically does not have to consider, because the domestic high-value sink suitable for such installation is difficult to buy, not to mention its practicality.

If the kitchen countertop is tight, a stepped, stepped Stainless Steel Countertop Sink may be a better choice. The cutting board and the drainer can be attached to the sink, and the accessory accessories are flush with the table top, and the groove can reduce the sliding. The advantage of the under-mounting method is that the seam is completely hidden, and the waste water is completely dropped into the sink.

The probability of water and mildew is greatly reduced, the eyes are not bothered, the space is not occupied, the appearance is beautiful and clean, and the convenience of care is rising. However, these advantages often mean a little extra cost.

Due to the difficulty of installation and high process requirements, there will be an extra cost of 300 or so, and an additional cost of +1; the cabinet space below is slightly reduced; the load-bearing property is reduced, and the kitchen waste cleaning device that will vibrate is installed most. A shock-absorbing base is added, with an extra cost of +2. If you choose to install under the counter, we recommend:

Reject the shaped sink, select the right side of the narrow side, no faucet and other holes, in order to install the whole stage, as far as possible to take full advantage of the installation under the stage; check the thickness of the table, whether to support the installation code to enhance the stability of the sink.