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Update:15 Aug 2018

Cadia Stainless Steel Sink have many advantages, and it can meet your specific needs.

The change of austenite molecular structure caused by stainless steel material during processing or high-temperature welding, stress increase (too rigid), corrosion resistance is reduced. The solution treatment can solve this problem well, restore the material to its original performance, and restore its ductility and corrosion resistance. In fact, stainless steel must be processed from the cold rolling of steel mills. (Some people say, "After this treatment, the steel is naturally weakened, and the hardness of the sink is definitely compromised." This idea is wrong!).

The advantages of the overall stretching process are: 1. Material saving and cost saving. 2, from the design shape can produce a special shaped sink, beautiful and generous. 3, no welding, and the use of solution treatment to enhance the performance of stainless steel. The disadvantages are as follows: 1. The input cost of the sink mold is high; 2. The surface treatment is difficult, and it is not easy to make the surface such as embossing or drawing. 3. The R angle of the tank body cannot be too small due to the process limitation.

The butt welding process is to stretch two single grooves, each of which is flattened by two sides, and then welded together, and then the panel is integrally formed. The drawing equipment is required to be the same as the welding water tank, and the welding equipment is selected by argon arc welding. This process is also very demanding for welding and grinding. The domestic manufacturers use poor equipment, the material thickness is thin, and the weld can not be processed very well. Therefore, it is often seen that there are weld marks on the middle beam between the two grooves.

The three processes complement each other, and the two mainstream processes have their own advantages. In fact, in the design of the water tank, some are suitable for the production of the roll welding process, and some are suitable for the overall stretching process, which is suitable for consumers. Shengzhou Cadia Electric Co.Ltd is a professional factory for the high quality Stainless steel handmade sink, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with drainboard, stainless steel apron sink, custom stainless steel sink, stainless steel sink countertop for more than 10 years.