Corner Treatment of Handmade Sink

Update:10 Aug 2018

The corners of Stainless Steel Handmade Sink on the market are handled in a variety of ways, including flat square corners, rounded corners, thin edges, beveled edges, and floating edges. Among them, the square corner can be used as an above counter basin or as an under counter basin, but because it is a square corner, on the one hand, the viewing angle is not very good, and its carrying weight is not very strong, plus it is in the process of transportation. It is easy to fold the corners, so it is used less; the flanges on the one hand enhance the flatness of the sink, on the other hand, the ribs make the sink load stronger, and have a good water retaining effect, not letting The water flows to the countertop, and many sink manufacturers like this technology, but it must be double-layered to have an effect. You can see it in the market, many of which are unilateral. At the same time, the sides of the high-grade stainless steel sink are generally flat and have no large curvature.

Some of the paints on the market are sprayed with a variety of paints of different colors and materials, claiming to prevent sweat and moisture absorption. In fact, the main purpose of spraying the coating on the bottom of the sink is to prevent temperature condensation and protect the cabinet. At the same time, it can reduce the noise of falling water. Moisture absorption is only a secondary function or a different statement.

Quick-frozen foods are placed in the sink or in the wet weather in spring and summer. Because the temperature of the water tank is low, the water will collect the water at the bottom of the basin. Dropping water drops can cause the cabinet to get wet. Spraying a suitable coating on the bottom of the sink may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference and destroy the formation of water droplets. The high-quality coating also has a certain moisture absorption function to protect the cabinet from flooding. However, most of the bottoms of the sinks on the market are ordinary paints, which do not absorb moisture, and the anti-dew function is not large, just swaying.

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