The Reason of Clogged Stainless Steel Handmade Sink

Update:27 Feb 2018

A clogged Stainless Steel Sink Colander is a rather common and annoying issue. Therefore, it is also commonly regarded as a recessed stainless steel handmade sink. A very good high quality enamel sink could possibly be expected to last for many years with a tiny loving care.

First, let tell your the reason of clogged stainless steel handmade sink:

1 kitchen decoration, welding residue, cement, oil and other residues in the stainless steel handmade sink surface, not cleaned promptly may cause rust, moldy;

2 poor water quality in many parts, coupled with water pipes are mostly galvanized pipe, iron and other elements in the water content is high, the sink after use, if the residual water stains, over time, the water will rust the iron, especially the new home renovation, If the water in the long-term residual water left in the stainless steel handmade sink water stains are not cleaned promptly, it is easy to cause "embroidered";

3 Occasionally, newly renovated houses with minerals or acid, alkaline dust falling china stainless steel sink surface encounter wet will cause "embroidered" appear;

4 kitchen knives, scissors, bottle openers and other items of steel for a long time placed on the china stainless steel sink surface, can cause "embroidered", moldy or discoloration;

5 chemicals, cleaning agents, paints, sauces, oil and other residues in the sink, a long time, will cause moldy stick in the sink surface.

In next article about stainless steel handmade sink at handmadesink site you will see how to prevention and treatement your stainless steel handmade sink.