Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Prevention and Treatment

Update:27 Feb 2018

As a professional Stainless Steel Handmade Sink supplier- offer suitable sink for your kitchen and our workers also share some useful tips for protect your stainless steel handmade sink, today, handmadesink will teach you how to prevention and treatment for your rusty sink:

1) Kitchen decoration, the final installation of the sink, water pipe before the installation of long-term residual water drain, after installation, the stainless steel handmade sink thoroughly washed;

2) After each use of the stainless steel handmade sink to clean the sink, leaving no stolen goods and water stains;

3) Do not put kitchen knives, openers and other long stay in the stainless steel handmade sink, in particular, do not scrub the sink with steel balls;

4) In case of "embroidered", "mildew", available toothpaste painted rust, spots, scrub clean with a scrub cloth.

The china stainless steel sink maintenance:

Use a neutral detergent to wash with cotton cloth.

Stainless steel handmade sink if the water stains, you can use decontamination powder or scouring cloth to wash.

Enamel water tank to avoid heavy blow or sharp objects hurt the surface.

Sink kitchen sink not water, if the phenomenon of poor drainage, maintenance personnel should be as soon as possible to overhaul.

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