The Other There Types of Stainless Steel Sink

Update:08 May 2018

From the former two articles, we know single stainless steel sink and double stainless steel sink. Now, the following will introduce the other three types of stainless steel sink.

The three-stainless steel sink design function distinguishes more, it can wash, soak and store at the same time and many other functions, save time and effort, but also allow the food to be cooked separately. The division of labor among the three stainless steel sinks is more clear. The disadvantage is that the pots are large, and the large kitchen is only useful. If the kitchen space is large, a wider range of options is available, with the option of three stainless steel sinks or sinks with drain boards.

Wing-type sinks are not very popular in the domestic market, but are more popular in Europe and the United States. In the modern kitchen design, the functional area of the sink is significantly expanded. For example, where the sink and the cabinet meet, a working area is opened up, so that the sink even has a storage function. If the space allows, you can also add an extended table to place some debris when washing. It is also possible to make the countertops full of water when cutting vegetables. All operations after washing are done on the airfoil surface. Deep wing stainless steel sink (a variant with airfoil).

Of course, the shape of the console also determines the shape of the sink to a certain extent. For example, the T-shaped operating table is often installed at the corner to meet the construction engineering principles for the purpose of maximizing space saving and labor saving. From a space-saving perspective, a pentagonal or quarter-arc bowl can be chosen. These are designed specifically for kitchens with right-angled or rounded corners, making full use of corner spaces that are not normally available.

No matter you choose which type of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard , it should be suitable for you and your kitchen. And our company principle is "Qualified production" and technological innovations are followed closely in order to introduce products high above the expectations of customers. Precisely control of all the stages from design to production, wide product range, usage of best quality 304 stainless steel and production utilizing the latest technology. We hope we can give you the best service and products as possible as we can.