Stainless Steel Sink Need to Be Cleaned Carefully

Update:10 May 2018

Stainless Steel Sink is a common household product raw material, with many excellent properties, such as easy to clean, not easy to rust, simple and elegant appearance, long service life, not easy to damage, has the ability to resist corrosion and corrosion, and the surface is very smooth It is very simple to clean up. Stainless steel is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom products, but it is difficult to avoid the possibility that dust and dirt will corrode stainless steel. For example, stainless steel sink are very popular and accepted by most people. Therefore, we need to regularly clean stainless steel products used by households for other purposes. Then we How to clean the stainless steel sink? Next, we will introduce several suitable methods to help you clean the stainless steel sink so as to maintain the beauty and durability of the stainless steel sink.

Daily cleaning can be done by using warm water and cloth. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard used at home, if only scrubbed with detergent and rags, some stubborn dirt can not be completely washed out. If you use a steel ball brush, it will leave unsightly scratches. At this time, just take some radish or cucumber pedicure, scrub with a detergent, and then rinse it with clean water. In most cases, the surface needs to be wiped with a towel or cloth after washing to prevent water spots. This is very important because the minerals in the water will leave traces on the stainless steel sink.

You can use a neutral detergent and warm water for cleaning, this will not damage the stainless steel. Mild neutral detergents can clean very hard soils and can also use neutral detergents to wipe dirty areas. After cleaning to remove dirt, be sure to thoroughly flush the surface to prevent the detergent residue from re-staining the surface or causing spots. Naturally derived cleaning agents are biodegradable, and they are missed by water, including some oils. If you are cleaning stainless steel pans or cutlery, this is the best method available. Food on cooked foods can usually be removed by pan-soaking in soapy water. It is best to use a pad with a mild washing sponge. Because of the use of steel wool, it may scratch the stainless steel or leave particles, which may then cause rust, so you’d better remember flushed and dried stainless steel products.