Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Dirt Treatment Method

Update:27 Sep 2018

We all know that the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink inside the house will use more or less dirt after a period of use, especially the oil stain, which makes it difficult for many friends to clean it, and it is not clean enough. Don't worry, the following sink consultation network gives Everyone brings two small tricks to make it easy to remove the dirt from the stainless steel sink. How to clean it?

You can use the filament to hold the filter box inside to prevent the vegetable chips and fine residue from blocking the water pipe. In addition to cleaning the filter cartridge every time you clean it, remember to put the neck end of the tube behind the filter cartridge together. Cleaning, in order to avoid the accumulation of grease in the long-term accumulation, become the dirt and dirt of the breeding of bee stings. The pool often has a layer of oil, you can use the core to scrub the grease. This is because the fruit has a fruit limb. Pectin has the effect of removing oil and dirt. Or, grab a fine salt. Evenly withdrawn from the surrounding pool wall. Then use hot water to wash the friendship from top to bottom, the oil can be removed. The grooves in the four corners of the pool can be scrubbed with some fine salt particles, or you can use a rag to make a small pocket and load it. Abandoned soap head, after a little water, brush a few times on the inner wall of the pool, and then rinse it with water, the oil will be gone.

Let's bring you a second life trick, which will allow you to remove the dirt from the stainless steel sink in many ways. I believe many friends will throw away the foil paper at random after using the foil paper, but it is estimated that many friends have no In fact, in fact, tin foil paper can also be used to remove the oil stains of the Stainless Steel Countertop Sink , so that you can really do more things. Well, let's take a look at the operation of tin foil paper in detail, and smash the unused foil paper into a group. There are a lot of bumps on the surface of the ball. Use them to brush the sink. You will find that the grease and accumulated residue are thrown out by the foil! Use it to deal with the stainless steel sink that is not cleaned for a long time. Brush it with water. The original light of stainless steel is visible.