Cadia Teaches You Keep Handmade Sink Clean

Update:20 Sep 2018

The stainles steel sink in the house is no longer dirty! The kitchen can be said to be a paradise for housewives, and it can be said to be their biggest distress. Especially in the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink , there will always be many old water stains that bother them. So what can you do to get rid of this? There is a very simple way to keep the dirt away from your kitchen and make your kitchen look new. As a housewife who loves to cook, the most hated thing to see is the mildew in the kitchen sink! Is there a special influence on the mood? It doesn't matter, today Cadia teaches you a wonderful way to get things done easily!

Generally, when encountering such a phenomenon, you can make a judgment first, that is, whether it still has a rescue, whether there is a tendency to expand all the time, if there is, then advise you to shovel it early, and then re-apply a layer of glass glue; If the situation is ok, then you can try the following method.

First, find a toothbrush that is not used, take a little detergent, use the most primitive method - brush the moldy black place, although it is very common, but the effect is definitely better than the rag, it is a little effort; if you are too If this is bothersome, then you can look at the next method.

Second, pasteurized liquid take a piece of paper towel, try to tear into the size of the black side, take a little pasteurized paste, and then directly paste it in the moldy place, then the quietly wait, usually takes 24 hours, Although the time is a bit long, but after all, it is very simple, no trouble, lazy people apply! Highly recommended!

Under normal circumstances, after 24 hours, there will be obvious changes, the glass glue will return to the original color; if it still has no effect, then you can only regret to tell you that you must shovel and re-peel!