Stainless Steel Sink Colander (Installing Steps)

Update:12 Dec 2018

Fixed position - installation of faucet and inlet pipe - Handmade Sink placed on the countertop - overflow hole, filter seal - installation of pendants - drainage test - edge sealing - cleaning

1, fixed position

Before installing the stainless steel sink, you must first determine the location and size of the installation, so that we can order according to the size, it is best to have a plan of the sink, so as not to be inaccurate data, resulting in rework.

In addition, after the sink is installed firmly, do not shake it from side to side, it is easy to leave a gap and cause looseness. Moreover, the most important thing to note is the tightness of the joint gap.

2, install the faucet and inlet pipe

Before installing the sink, the faucet and inlet pipe should be secured first, and the inlet pipe at the other end should be connected to the water inlet switch.

3, the sink is placed on the countertop

After the sink is placed in the countertop, it is necessary to install matching pendants between the wall and the countertop, but pay attention to the sealing effect of the sink as much as possible during the installation process.

4, overflow hole, filter

The degree of sealing of the overflow and the filter determines the effect of the use of the sink in the future. The higher the sealing degree of the overflow hole and the filter, the less likely it is to be problematic in the later stage.

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