Impact of Trade War on The Stainless-Steel Sink Industry

Update:06 Oct 2018

Some Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers might up increasing their prices to match the higher costs of raw materials, passing the cost of tariffs onto consumers. Another possible scenario is the manufacturers reduce the quantity of production in which case stainless steel sinks might become rare in the market. Many companies will also up dismissing some workers in order to reduce overall costs. In every aspect, consumers are, as usual, the ultimate from trade wars.

Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers from China:The trade-war restrictions may help local steel producers in the short-term but unless they are able to supply steel at costs as low their foreign rivals were, American manufacturers and consumers would up paying much higher costs.

If You’re Looking For Stainless Steel Sink…

Keeping all this in mind, it is safe to anticipate a hike in prices of stainless steel sinks so if you’re looking to remodel or upgrade your kitchen sink, sooner rather than later is definitely a wise option.

Higher tariffs on steel means U.S. manufacturers are more inclined to seek out cheaper alternatives to use, hence production of graphite or fireclay sinks may be higher than stainless steel sinks.

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