Choose the Suitable Thickness of Stainless Steel Sink

Update:10 Oct 2018

At present, most of the Stainless Steel Sink on the market are between 0.8 and 1.2 mm. The one-piece drawing water tank is stretched by a stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1.2 or 1.0 mm, and then annealed and shaped, so that the integrally stretched water tank is thin and uneven. All of this is the case. This is not a disadvantage. It is determined by the nature of the process of stretching the sink. There may be some places of 0.8, some places are 0.9, and some places are 1.0. Generally, the thickness of the one-piece stretch tank is too thick, and the press machine is incapable. After all, it requires sufficient pressure to stretch the steel plate, so the one-piece stretch tank is absolutely not 4 mm.

This thickness is enough for the household. This thickness has a certain toughness. When the tableware is placed inside, it will have a certain elasticity and will not bump against the bowl. It is good for the bowl, and it is good for the sink. Sometimes it is accidentally dropped into the sink. Because of the elasticity of the wall, no damage will be formed unless there is a big impact.

The 4mm stretching tank is definitely not available. Basically 100% is a hand-made sink. Because the manual sink is welded, the 4mm sink is not difficult to weld. The 1cm steel plate can also be used. The 4mm manual sink also includes two types. One is that the whole body includes the groove body with a thickness of 4 mm, and the other is that the edge is 4 mm thick and the groove body is between 1-2 mm.

If the whole tank including the 4mm tank is not necessary, there are two main reasons: First: The 1.0mm thick sink is enough to be used until the next renovation will not be bad unless it is vandalized. 4mm undoubtedly increases the cost of production, not as good as this cost is used in other configurations of the sink. Second: the elasticity of the 4.0mm thick water tank wall is too far from the elasticity of the 1.0mm thick water tank, so there is no benefit to the bowl and the sink body.

But if the edge is 4mm and the groove is 1-2mm, this design is better. why? Firstly, the edge of 4mm can carry a large weight of the Stainless Steel Sink Colander , and the tank body will not be deformed for a long time and is very straight. The wall of the sink is relatively thin so that the bowl is not damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that the preferred edge is 4mm, and the tank is 1-2mm.