How to Clean Handmade Sink

Update:16 Nov 2018

With the development of science and technology & manufacturing process, it becomes a possibility as well as a fashion styel to make faucets by using handmade sink, but how to clean Handmade Sink become more peoples' question, as professional handmade sink manfuacturer - cadai handmadesink has more experience of cleaning stainless steel small radius sink, now let's go:

The newly handmade sink can be coated with a layer of animal or vegetable oils to minimize the contact between the tank surface and the corrosive substance.

When cleaning the stainless steel small radius sink, use a mild detergent, wipe with a soft brush or cloth, and avoid using abrasives (such as wire brushes). Especially enamel surface should not scratch with sharp knife.

If you do not install the food residue processor, should be placed in the outlet water filter network to facilitate the cleaning of vegetable residue, to avoid blocking the sewer.

The decoration will not dumping waste in the stainless steel small radius sink, do not use cleaning products containing chlorine ingredients such as bleach cleaning tank, the melt containing silver containing sulfur, hydrochloric acid and detergent or photographic chemicals or solder etc. If fall into the tank should immediately rinse.

Properly adjust the faucet's faucet position, configure the shower or cover cover to avoid water stains.

After the stainless steel small radius sink and faucet are cleaned, use a soft, clean cotton cloth to keep the surface dry and long as new.

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