Five Kinds Custom Stainless Steel Sink Surface Treadment

Update:01 Mar 2018

Handmade Sink surface treatment there are several, what is the difference. handmadesink here with many years of experience and hand made sink development history, to talk about our views. Overall, hand made sink a total of 5 kinds of surface treatment:

First, pearl noodles

Some people also called pearl silver, matte, pearl matte and so on. It is made of chemical electrolyte surface treatment (plainly, that is, and plating almost). This surface treatment in all the production, the process is the most simple, low-tech, low production costs. The price of the manufactured product is also lower. At present, nearly ninety percent of the country's nearly ninety percent of the manufacturers completely use this technology to produce. Many first-tier brands also use this technology products to seize the low-end market. However, the biggest drawback of this surface is not scratch resistance, easy to scratch the surface, there will be serious coating loss. So many large-scale enterprises gradually replace this craft with other craft.

Second, matte surface

Also known as bead sand noodles. Is a small sand evenly high-speed pounding on the surface of the hand made sink, so that the surface evenly formed one and its subtle small groove (the human eye is ugly), and improve the surface hardness of the hand made sink, which also increased its Arranging performance. The principle is equivalent to shot peening in machining. This treatment generally requires the wall thickness of the plate can not be too thin, generally the overall stretch of the hand made sink in this way more.

Third, drawing surface

Also known as mercerizing Is the use of a drawing device repeatedly drawn in the custom stainless steel sink surface (equivalent to machining machining). Make its surface form a trace of trace marks, and the surface and its smooth. Feel and visually have a very strong Qing force. Because it is a direct drawing in the hand made sink surface, so the requirements of the sheet is extremely high. Domestic plate drawing sometimes appear on the surface of small particles and affect the appearance. Therefore, most of the general selection of imported sheet drawing plate.

Fourth. embossed surface

Is the surface of the groove out of a regular pattern or embossed sheet directly pressed (equivalent to the road pedestrian bridge on the use of tread plate), and then treated with pearl surface treatment. Visual effects of embossed surface is not bad, but in the kitchen long-term fumes in the pattern of scale, it is difficult to clean up.

Fifth, mirror

It is the surface of the hand made Stainless Steel Countertop Sink repeatedly polished to make the surface mirror-like effect. This does not apply to the average family. During use and its easy to form a scratch.