Don't Do When Choose Stainless Steel Sink Colander

Update:01 Mar 2018

First, many consumers think that is attracted by stainless steel, stainless steel. As everyone knows, even the best 304 stainless steel in the sink process after mechanical stretching with micro-magnetic, the worst 430 stainless steel after demagnetization without a little magnetic, according to the previous statement Test, that is 430 more than 304 stainless steel, showing that this is simply untenable, on the contrary Custom Stainless Steel Sink was a lot of treacherous businesses to shoddy, reap huge profits:

Second, feel the thicker the basin that the more durable.This judge is based on the premise that the same type of stainless steel material.If not the same type of stainless steel there is no sense, such as one is the 201 material Custom Stainless Steel Sink, a 304 sink, the former thick, the latter Thin, according to this judgment that should be the former durable than the latter, it is not true, 304 sink than the 201 tank life is much longer, although the former is thicker than the latter, because the 304 content of 8% nickel content Compared to the amount of 1% nickel or even nickel-free 201 rust many times stronger.

Third, that the heavier Custom Stainless Steel Sink the better .This reason with the above judgment by hand pressure method, must be in the same material conditions can be compared, otherwise there is no comparability.

Fourth, stainless steel is not absolutely not rusty, look at what environment to use, if in a wide range of chloride ions such as salt, sweat, sea water, soil, sea breeze, etc., will soon rust, even faster than normal Low-carbon steel.

Fifth, Pearl sand processing, the use of hydrochloric acid and other substances from electrolysis, some of the harmful substances will remain in the surface gradually released, endangering human health, it is the United States and some other developed countries is strictly prohibited electrolytic tank into its market, and now some high-end Stainless Steel Sink Colander Wire drawing process is generally used, compared to other processes it has the advantages of durable, everlasting and so on.