Why Choose Stainless Steel Handmade Sink from Cadia

Update:11 Feb 2018

What makes cadia Stainless Steel Handmade Sink so special?

Durable and naturally hygienic, stainless steel is a natural choice for commercial applications including restaurants. With a range of attributes, it’s the most frequently used material for kitchen sinks.

• corrosion-proof: premium quality chrome nickel steel makes sinks highly resistant to staining, rust and corrosion

• pore-free: naturally hygienic, it doesn’t harbor bacteria

• self-regenerating: stainless steel surfaces develop a passive protective layer that continuously renews, so your sink is easy to clean and care for

• durable: temperature and acid resistant

• environmentally-friendly: 100% recyclable

More people buy stainless steel handmade sink than other types. For more than half a century, the use of industry, architecture, chemistry and consumers has been a low carbon steel, with a chromium content of 10.5% or more. It is this addition of chromium that makes steel unique stainless steel, corrosion resistant and enhanced mechanical properties.

Affordability - while there are high-end stainless steel options, there are a number of very affordable models that offer the benefits of a stainless steel sink.

Improved - stainless steel continues to improve and upgrade. The new generation of 16 and 18 is much thicker and less noisy than its less expensive predecessors.

Larger bowl capacity-the relatively light and solid properties of stainless steel allow it to be made into larger, deeper bowls that may not be viable using cast iron or other materials.

Easy to maintain - stainless steel is easy to maintain and is not affected by household chemicals. After cleaning with household cleaners and soft towels, it retains its original sheen. As a result, it is ideal for kitchens, bathroom sinks, laundry sinks and other designs and residential applications.

Absorption shock - Stainless Steel Sink Colander "give" shock buffered glass and cutlery to prevent breakage.

Detail - stainless steel helps emphasize architectural details and capture eye effects. Clean lines and cold textures reflect the surrounding colors and patterns. Stainless steel will be added to your dcor design because the color of fashion is out of date.

Stainless steel is a recyclable material. Stainless steel will not degrade or lose any features during the recovery process, making the stainless steel tank a good green option.