Tips to Distinguish of Cadia Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Update:17 Feb 2018

As a professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink suppliers china - has professional Technical partner has been working for the stainless steel kitchen sink with drainboard, stainless steel undermount kitchen sink for more than 15 years in the world famous sinks factory in Guangdong ,and manufacture products according to the different requests from customers.

Today, handmadesink teach you how to distinguish stainless steel kitchen sink in shopping.

The gutter is an accessory in the decoration, but in the kitchen all kinds of goods, the use frequency of the sink is highest. After meals, 65 percent of the time is spent with the sink, so its importance to family life is obvious. At present, the water tank in the market has many kinds of material, different material has different character, the style is different also. Bunk took you along today to learn how to differentiate the stainless steel sink and select the right tank.

Look at the surface of the Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack . The stainless steel sink is carefully inspected, and we can find that the quality of the sink is smooth, the visual luster is gentle, not sticky oil, easy to clean, wear-resisting. The inside of the gutter is nearly 90 degrees, the inside of the sink is larger and the volume of the basin is larger.

Look at stainless steel sink fittings. Meanwhile, it can also check the supporting parts of the tank: the high quality water head is thick with the wall thickness, and the handling lubrication is not leaking when the cage is closed, and the bead is durable and sweet. The water pipe is made of environmental disposable material. It has the functions of easy installation, odor resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.

The good stainless steel tank USES a thick sheet, and the pantle cistern is used to import 304 stainless steel plates with a thickness of 0.9mm, while the normal low water tank adopts 0.5mm ~ 0.7mm. Because the water tank has stopped the edge disposal, it is difficult to see the thickness at once, the simplest method: slightly force the surface of the sink, if pressed, more information will show at