The Main Point of Decorating the Kitchen with Handmade Sink

Update:05 Dec 2018

Although the sink is an accessory in the decoration, the Handmade Sink is used most frequently in various kitchen items. After dinner, 65% of the time to deal with the sink, so its importance to family life is self-evident. At present, the water tanks on the market have a variety of materials, different materials have different characteristics, and the styles are not the same. How to identify the pros and cons, picking the sink that suits you is also a big lesson. The surface of the stainless steel sink is easy to be scratched, so it is best to choose a product that has been specially treated by wire drawing or sanding.

First, according to the choice of kitchen space. Single and double slots for small kitchens. In the modern kitchen design, the function of the sink is obviously expanded. For example, the place where the sink and the cabinet are connected is opened up to a working area, so that the sink is connected with the storage function. Single tanks are often chosen by households with too small kitchen space to meet the most basic cleaning functions; double-slot design is widely used in homes to meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately, and is preferred because of proper space Because of the multi-shaped design, the three-slot or sub-slot is more suitable for a large kitchen with individual style. It also has many functions such as soaking or washing and storing, which can also make the food raw and cooked separately, saving time and effort.

If the kitchen space is small, it is more suitable to choose a single-slot, double-slot sink; like to wash in a large space, a large single basin sink is a good choice. If the kitchen space is large, the range of options is wider, with three slots or a sink with a drain plate.

Second, choose according to personal preferences. Arc kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Colander make full use of corner space. From a convenient and practical point of view, you can choose one big and one small "child" kitchen sink. Such a kitchen pot can freely adjust the water storage capacity during use, and can also dry the dishes and vegetables in a small trough. If space permits, you can also add an extended countertop to place some debris during washing. In addition, the width of the countertop should be considered when purchasing the sink. The width of the sink should be 100mm-150mm minus the countertop.