Suitable Cadia Handmade Sink for Your Smart Housewife

Update:08 Dec 2018

Choose a double slot, but the home space is limited, the kitchen is not big enough; the menu slot, the sink is not big enough, at most you can only install one pot. Let's first take a look at the difference between the installation of the above counter basin and the under counter basin: In addition to the visual differences, the space and size they occupy are the same! Then, if it is a small-sized kitchen with limited space, and you want to make more use of space, then you can buy as many single slots as possible. However, the premise is that there is a basin in the basin, like this:

Large single basin, with basin in the basin, instantly double basin to double basin. Generally speaking, the basin can be a drain basin or a drain-free function. The large single basin basin is extremely convenient for sliding in a single basin. Seeing this, some people will be disgusted with the cleaning workload of the sink. In fact, as long as the home uses a pull faucet, there is no need to worry about the cleaning of dead ends such as sinks and countertops. Pull the faucet in minutes to help you get it! Speaking of this, I think everyone has already guessed what is "double slot to three slots". Choose a double-slot kitchen, which is generally a kitchen with a large kitchen space and a large number of shared kitchens. The double groove becomes three slots, and the space occupied by the water tank can be well utilized by the auxiliary function of the basin basin. In addition to the size of the sink, for the material, Xiaobian is here to give you some advice.

As a frequently used item, kitchen supplies must be durable. When we choose the stainless steel sink, the material is very important. If you encounter a 3mm, 4mm thick sink, then you can join the ordering plan! In addition, the sink material now includes 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. The real 304 stainless steel material will not rust and is more durable. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a 304 stainless steel Handmade Sink from cadia handmadesink company. Made of 304 and easier to clean, it reduces the hassle of many cleaning problems, such as stubborn stains.