Right Ways to Keep Handmade Sink

Update:27 Jul 2018

Like many cookware, the stainless steel surface is very afraid of rubbing against other sharp things. For example, when cleaning the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink, use a steel ball to wipe. Once the steel ball destroys the oxide film on the stainless steel surface, the sink will no longer have the function of rust prevention. When it is used for a long time, it will appear rusty. The correct way to clean is to use a soft rag to clean the surface of the sink. If there is more oil, you can use a little household detergent to clean it.

The garbage in the Stainless Steel Countertop Sink should be cleaned up in time. Note that the water outlet of the sink should not be blocked. Many people think that the water in the sink is very slow, and the garbage filter of the sewage is removed. This kind of casual practice is actually very dangerous. It may cause the entire sewer pipe to be blocked for a long time.

Bowls and tableware that are not cleaned in time, do not put them in the sink, it is very dirty. If you do not clean in a few days on a business trip, the food left in the sink will be fermented, have a bad smell, and produce a lot of bacteria. After using the water tank, rinse with water and dry. It is best not to leave corrosive foods such as lemon juice, acetic acid, etc. on the surface of the sink for a long time, as these may cause a brown stain on the surface of the sink. If the sink appears some difficult to clean the booty, if the detergent is not very clean, you can try it with toothpaste. The decontamination ability of toothpaste is also very strong.

Do not cut food on the sink, especially with a knife to rub things. Mainly prevent the water tank from being shaken, and it is easy to peel off the glass glue that fixes the water tank in the cabinet.

The part where the sink is in contact with the countertop, be careful not to have residual water. If water splashes out when using it, it needs to be cleaned with a clean cloth in time. If these details are not taken care of, the sink and platform interface will be moldy over time.