Purchase Points of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

Update:22 Feb 2018

Although the relationship between small accessories serious. Select a stainless steel kitchen sink Another very crucial element is the accessories, accessories, good or bad is directly related to the cost of maintenance in the future, sewer pipe sealing, corrosion resistance is the main element of the decision whether the water leakage in the future; outlet there is no ball positioning , Squeeze seal, Taiwan-controlled dewatering (that is, there is a knob on the stainless steel kitchen sink surface to control the installation of the seal or drainage), overflow port installation, installation of anechoic series are weighing the norms of good and bad parts, consumer choice When the need for special attention.

There must be magnetic steel is not good. We suggested that although the magnet can not determine the quality of stainless steel products, non-magnetic can not be sure is a good stainless steel, but there must be magnetic is not a good steel.

The manufacturing process is also about price. As for the appearance of the stainless steel kitchen sink such as drawing, polishing, pearl silver and other manufacturing processes of different prices are also different, the reporter actually asked stainless steel kitchen sink salesman had such a statement, the reporter pointed to a silver sink to ask sales Personnel, "Why is this sink a lot more expensive than those stainless steel kitchen sinks?" The salesperson replied "This is pearl silver, which is more expensive with silver ions added to it." In addition to manufacturing process, we also stressed that the appearance of the smoothness of the tank and the degree of lubrication are to choose a good stainless steel kitchen sink really set the elements, to choose a smooth, lubricated, if the appearance of cocked or bumpy do not choose.

The depth of the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard depends on the cabinet space. Stainless steel kitchen sink depth is also an important factor related to its price, often the deeper the cost of higher slotted, but consumers also pay attention to the time of purchase with cabinet space, the other the larger the space inside the stainless steel kitchen sink, the higher the application rate , So the suitability of the stainless steel kitchen sink is better.