Is a Sink with Drainboard Right for Your Kitchen?

Update:26 Oct 2018

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard are not trendy, but perhaps they should be. Long popular in Europe, this staple of budget kitchen remodels, apartments, condos, and other diminutive homes has made a comeback in recent years, and for good reason. These sinks, with their built-in drainboards, do a fantastic job at keeping countertops dry and clean.

Drainboard sinks are sinks that have an attached apron usually on one side but sometimes on both sides. This apron overlaps part of the counter. This apron (the drainboard) is grooved and slightly angled down so that water will drain directly into the sink.

Most drainboard sinks are drop-in or self-rimming. The reason is that drainboard sinks are inherently self-rimming. In order to create the drainboard or apron section, it must extend above counter level.

Though most drainboard sinks are self-rimming, a few undermount sinks with attached drainboards can be found.

Most drainboard sinks are constructed of stainless steel, though a few can be found in ceramic or acrylic.

Drainboard sinks tend to be either small, shallow drainboard sinks for apartments, condos, and RVs or large, expensive premium sinks for high-end homes or restaurant kitchens. Not many mid-range drainboard sinks are available.

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