How to Identify the Quality of Custom Stainless Steel Sink

Update:06 Mar 2018

How to identify the quality of custom Stainless Steel Sink? It's important for housewife for kitchen, today, handmadesink teach you choose high quality of custom stainless steel sink:

First. Custom stainless steel sink material: Sink also known as kitchen sink, 304 stainless steel should be marked with the best, because the lower the carbon content of 304 steel, so the flexibility of steel is better, the thickness of the sink is generally 1.0mm.

Second. stainless steel handmade sink production methods: There are two main ways to produce sinks, one is a one-time use of water from stamping, there is a welded together, at the bottom of the weld welding, intermediate butt welding, wheel welding, etc. Several ways.

A stamping tank is the first choice, its sealing is good, but the depth of the sink is not welded deep, the depth is usually not more than 18mm deep and deep welding can reach 21mm, so to choose a little deeper sink, a certain Pay attention to how tight the weld is.

Third. The bottom of the tank with or without protective coating: The bottom of the tank to add protective coating is used to silence and prevent condensation of water. Better coating is the whole tank with the opposite side of the spray coating, the common is a rubber gasket attached to the bottom, but also can play a silent effect.

Fourth. custom stainless steel sink size: no problem to pay attention to the length, but the width is very important, the width of the table to refer to the width of the countertops, standard countertops width of 55CM and 60CM two, but everything has a special, old house countertops 50CM Mostly. 55CM table selected sink width should be less than 45CM, 60CM table sink width selected as long as no more than 50CM can be installed, but 50CM table sink width of the selected narrow, the widest can not exceed 41CM, which One thing is very important.

Fifth. custom stainless steel sink installation: There are two types of desktop and table type, so the sink there are two kinds of basin on the basin and the basin under the table, are generally made of desktop type, but in recent years Taiwan Under the style of quietly blowing wind, the stage is more beautiful, giving a feeling of freshness, the table easier to manage together.

Sixth. Handmade sink surface treatment: Sink after surface treatment, the ability to greatly enhance anti-greasy, common is the matte side, pearl silver side, swirl surface, each with its own characteristics.

Seventh. handmade sink of the water accessories: water pipes to the sink to choose PVC pipe was better

In addition, the sink price vary greatly, in fact, in addition to material and brand factors, many high-end sink is because of the many features of human design and configuration, such as Taiwan Control (do not wet the control of water), drain board, slide the cutting board Etc., make the kitchen life more convenient and easier. So, Choose a professional Stainless Steel Sink Colander Manufacturer is important for smart housewife.