Handmade Sink Installations Notes

Update:29 Nov 2018

Today, stainless steel Handmade Sink can be found every kitchen. What needs to be paid attention to the selection and installation of stainless steel handmade sink

1.first consider the installation location of the sink, need to meet the operating convenience.

The square type kitchen and sink are generally installed in the middle to facilitate the operation of the refrigerator and the cooker. Also avoid the problem that water and fire cannot be too close in feng shui.

The L-shaped kitchen also follows the principle of the sink in the middle of the operating area, but note that there is a certain position between the sink and the refrigerator to facilitate the operation of taking things from the refrigerator.

Rectangular kitchen is also the most common small-sized kitchen. The general console is only one side. The sink is installed in the middle of the cooker and the refrigerator. Generally, there is a larger space reserved for the refrigerator.

2.consider the size of the sink.

If the kitchen space can be affluent, the installation of a two-slot sink is certainly smoother, but if the space is smart to install a single-slot sink, we should pay more attention to the functionality of the sink. At present, Stainless Steel Small Radius Sink is also specially developed for small size units.

3. consider the sink faucet hole number, and right-handed use habits.

Generally, there are 1-3 openings for sinks, which are cold taps, hot water taps, and water purifier taps. If you are used to using hot and cold water taps, at least 1 hole is enough, if you are cold If the hot water is separated from the faucet and a water purifier is required, a maximum of 3 faucet openings are required.

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