Don't Do when Clean Stainless Steel Handmade Sink

Update:26 Nov 2018

Stainless steel Handmade Sink are usually the standard for kitchens and even some bathrooms, mainly since this material is durable. However, stainless steel does have its drawbacks. If not properly maintained, the metal can become dull and turn colors. Also, stainless steel is likely to show heat stains, streaks, and water spots, some of which can become permanent if not properly cleaned in a timely fashion. For these reasons, it is essential to keep your stainless steel looking new.

Avoid those mistake when clean your stainless steel sink.

Not Wiping in the Direction of the Grain

When cleaning and polishing, always rub along the natural grain of the metal. This method enables you to clean the microscopic grooves where dirt, grime and dust can get trapped. This also goes for polished stainless steel appliances and products. On polished surfaces, make sure to wipe and rub only in the direction of the polish lines–never across them–to avoid dulling your product.

Leaving Items in the Stainless Steel Sink Colander

Although it is usually tempting to leave your pots, pans and dirty dishwater in your stainless steel sink, this is a costly mistake. The grime on your cookware can leave stains and streaks that are difficult to remove, and the longer the mess sits, the more difficult the cleaning becomes. Filthy, sitting water has the same effect.

After you clean your cookware, it is also important that you thoroughly remove all traces of any cleaning products that you used and wipe down the sink to remove any leftover food and grime.

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