Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Handmade Sink

Update:01 Mar 2018

Of course, hand made sink is not without shortcomings, no one is perfect, not to mention the Handmade Sink from the human hand.

First: Because of the integration of several or even a dozen products, custom stainless steel sink much larger than the traditional handmade sink, while "weight" is also a "heavyweight", compared to the fragmented functional products placed scattered, handmade sink The function of these products together, a more rational use of space, saving customers time to find the demand for goods, and let the kitchen has a certain aesthetic, stainless steel handmade sink installation requires professionals to install, customers have their own installation will have a certain Inconvenience

Second: need to be customized in advance: the traditional sink can be purchased in the kitchen almost at the time of decoration, but handmade sink need to determine the product type before deciding the decoration program, because not only involves the location space, but also consider the circuit Stay, if you do not keep it had to cut off the love, but many decoration users will need to be considered before the decoration into it.

Third: the price is slightly higher, relative to the average sink, the price of the handmade sink somewhat higher, for ordinary consumers may be unimaginable for some time, but the handmade sink is mainly targeted at high-end customers, the average consumer in a certain economy Basis also can buy handmade sink. However, long-term plan is still cost-effective, the so-called one-off price of goods, from his quality structure can be seen, so the handmade sink or optional.

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