Detailed Processing of Stainless Steel Sink

Update:19 Apr 2018

Sink of material on the market there are many, but compared with the traditional Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink with Drainboard , stainless steel sink are very popular among consumers, it not only can finish the common stainless steel sink cleaning function, but can provide more straight drinking water, garbage disposal function. Therefore, in recent years, market share has been increasing, and the development potential of stainless steel sink is huge.

The stainless steel sink first appeared in the European and American countries, mainly as a modern kitchen washing or dishwashing tools.

Advantages of stainless steel sink.

1. Metallic luster is its unique feature, its surface is beautiful, and it can always keep bright as new.

2. Acid, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, impact resistance, and no damage to washed vessels.

3. Light weight and easy to install.

4. Can be matched with various kitchen countertops, with strong collocation, decoration style can be traditional and modern.

5. Strong, flexible and long service life.

Disadvantages of stainless steel sink.

1. If the wall of stainless steel sink is thin, it will be easy to knock, scratch and even erode.

2. Stainless steel flume has the disadvantage of producing noise. Therefore, you can install some soundproof material at the bottom of the sink or on the edge, so that it can reduce the noise effect.

Detailed processing of stainless steel sink.

A integrated: a integrated is a mainstream technology on the market at present, stainless stain sink by a whole piece of stainless steel plate stamping by gravity, bent into the shape of a stainless steel sink directly, it has the advantage of no juncture, it is easy to clean, more avoid welding not firm quality hidden trouble.

Manual welding: the part is positioned in the middle and high-end pure hand gutter and the welding process is used. Compared with the integrated molding, the bottom of the manual welding sink is closer to the right Angle, so the space utilization ratio is relatively high. The thickness of the steel plate can also be larger, thus extending the service life.

When purchasing, please pay attention to the flatness of the Stainless Steel Sink surface, such as uneven quality. In addition, if you live in a place where hard water is used, pay attention to the marks left on the stainless steel because the stainless steel is easy to scratch.