Ceramic sink

Update:07 Nov 2017

Ceramic pot has the advantage of good care, easy to clean, clean and finished the same as the new, high temperature, temperature change, the surface of hard wear-resistant, anti-aging. Most ceramic sinks are white, but ceramic sinks can be colored during production, so colors are actually more plentiful. The owner can select the appropriate ceramic sink according to the overall color of the kitchen, add a touch of Reiki for the overall design of the kitchen, but the price is naturally more expensive.

The disadvantage of ceramic sink is not as good as the strength of stainless steel and cast iron, if accidentally may be broken, while the low water absorption, if the water infiltration ceramic, will have expansion and deformation.

Ceramic sink is the most important is to see if he is a high temperature firing, must reach 1200 degrees Celsius above the high temperature is called high temperature firing, so as to ensure that the body water absorption drops, no one wants to get a fish will have to endure the long fishy Taste, on the other hand is glazed, glazed good to ensure good cleaning. Important reference criteria for choosing ceramic sinks are glaze finish, brightness and ceramic water storage. High-quality finish, pure color, easy to hang dirty scale, easy to clean, good self-cleaning. The lower the water absorption, the better the product. Ceramic sink personally think that single slot is more known.


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