Cadia: The Professional Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers

Update:20 Jul 2018

Stainless Steel Sink manufacturers are not only focused on offline sales, but also on online sales. It is not difficult to find that the traditional channels are converted into modern supermarkets, and even e-commerce channels. Some cabinet companies, despite the increase in product prices, the product grades, and even the sales have gone up, but the result is that more sales do not make more profit, high yields are not good; and other parts of the situation may be worse, since the main channel from After the traditional circulation channels are converted into modern commercial supermarket channels, due to many factors such as low brand awareness, products cannot become the first choice of consumers, sales are not coming up, and various expenses of commercial channels are used.

In the early stage of industry development, most of the competition of enterprises is concentrated on technology and products, and more is a kind of functional satisfaction. The desire of cabinet companies and consumers for marketing is not so strong. When it reaches a certain stage, competition will be upgraded to a comprehensive strength competition that integrates technology, products, design, service, experience, and human care. Marketing will play a decisive role. But it should be noted that the meaning of the product is to create value for the user. The meaning of marketing is to find a shortcut that can enter the hearts of consumers, and service is such a shortcut.

To sell service cabinet enterprises to achieve long-term development in the cabinet industry, we must recognize the current situation, strive to carry out scientific and technological research and development, speed up the upgrading of products, and improve the scientific and technological content of products; at the same time establish a sound sales and service mechanism. , to do a good job in pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, establish a good market image. Selling experience The attractiveness of the traditional marketing model is no longer the same. In addition to continuous innovation in design and technology, the marketing method must also keep pace with the times. Let consumers "seeing is believing", forming the buying logic of experiencing products, confirming value, and actively choosing after trust.

No matter what kind of positioning marketing the cabinet enterprise implements, as long as it wants to make profits from the channel, it must establish its own main channel strategy, and at the same time determine the product strategy that matches the channel according to the channel strategy, because the difference of channels is the coverage of the consumer groups.

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