Cadia Help You Choose Good Handmade Sink

Update:09 Nov 2018

There are a lot of kitchens, among which the Handmade Sink in the kitchen plays an important role. In the whole kitchen, the most important thing is the sink. Our usual dishwashing dishes and dishes need to use the kitchen stainless steel sink. Lifespan and quality are closely related to our health, so choose a good quality, wear-resistant and brush-resistant, and choose a sink that is easy to clean. This is also a very important job. How can we choose one good kitchen stainless steel sink?

There are two ways to make stainless steel sinks in the kitchen: welding method and one-piece molding method. Some brand-name kitchen stainless steel sinks have the same appearance size as ordinary ones, but the price difference is very large. Mainly because of material factors and craft costs. Of course, the one-piece kitchen stainless steel sink material is definitely better than the welding. For the double groove, the welding is tight, and the no-weld welding is the most important factor affecting the service life of the water tank. If the welding is good, it can prevent the artificial embroidery and the off-line. weld.

The best steel plate for making the sink is like the 304 steel plate. Our steel plate is the most suitable for kitchen use in terms of hardness and wear resistance. The surface of my electric sink is particularly smooth, not hanging oil, not hanging. Dirt, there is no need to clean the ball at all, just use a rag. Generally, the kitchen stainless steel sink needs to have an overflow device, and the surface looks fine.

Whether environmental sanitation is easy to clean and flat. How to determine the quality and grade The most intuitive standard is: gloss, oil and no stain after washing the basin. Material anti-fouling is a priority when purchasing the sink. In order to make the sink become Clean, many people are used to brushing with a steel ball. The sink is temporarily clean. The quality of the steel is not so good because of the easy-to-scale sink. It is easier to hang dirty things with a steel ball.