Cadia China Stainless Steel Apron Sinks Fabrication

Update:21 Feb 2018

Cadia Stainless Steel Apron Sink Manufacturer - easy care finish now applied to all china stainless steel apron sinks fabrication including sinks. Modern look, stays looking good longer and can be re finished at any time in the future. Helps prevent glare from light reducing eyestrain.

The kitchen is one of the home’s main rooms, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen and we really use it. The china stainless steel apron Handmade Sink is a tool that also needs to work as a part of your interior. This is the starting point for our design-driven product development. We make china stainless steel apron sinks for people who use them actively and needs practical, durable working tools.

With knowledge built up through generations, we create products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. We use stainless steel, a material that is robust, elegant and easy to keep clean. The kitchen should be a room everyone in the household thrives in. Practical and functional, yet stylish and inviting; it is in this tradition Intra products are created. Inspired by Scandinavian design and lifestyle.

An elegant method of installation where the bowls are seamlessly mounted under the countertop. Works well mounted granite, marble, and engineered stones.

With this classical installation method the china stainless steel apron sinks is inserted from above and its raised rim rests on top of the counter. Great for any countertop type. Stainless steel apron sink manufacturer - innovative technology features ultra fine 1.25 mm sink rims that create a virtually seamless flushmount look. Cadia can be installed as topmount, or flushmounted by an experienced solid surface specialist.

All of cadia sinks are made from 304 or 18/8 stainless steel. The thickness can be in 20gauge ,18gauge or 16gauge as request.

Durable and naturally hygienic, stainless steel is a natural choice for commercial applications including restaurants. With a range of attributes, it’s the most frequently used material for kitchen sinks.

• corrosion-proof: premium quality chrome nickel steel makes sinks highly resistant to staining, rust and corrosion

• pore-free: naturally hygienic, it doesn’t harbor bacteria

• self-regenerating: stainless steel surfaces develop a passive protective layer that continuously renews, so your sink is easy to clean and care for

• durable: temperature and acid resistant

• environmentally-friendly: 100% recyclable