Avoid Using Chlorine When Clean Handmade Sink

Update:27 Nov 2018

More and more kitchen choose stainless steel Handmade Sink , with time, your once shiny stainless steel sink can become dull, stained and scratched. Restore and preserve the beauty of your Stainless Steel Sink Colander with regular cleanings and periodic polishings. Remove food, grime, water spots, rust spots and minor scratches in just a few minutes using common household products that work so well you hardly need to use any elbow grease. So Clean your stainless steel kitchens ink is important, please avoid Using Chlorine and Bleach and Using Steel Wool, Steel Brushes or Highly Abrasive Cleaning Pads

Using Chlorine

While bleach may initially make your stainless steel appliances shine, it will ultimately ruin the finish. In fact, many manufacturers caution against using harsh chemical products like chlorine or bleach on your stainless steel appliances. These types of harsh chemicals will cause surface pitting that can trap contaminants. Avoid alcohol and glass cleaners because these products will leave streaks and discolor the outer protective layer of the surface. You should also never mix two chemical cleaners together because this can create dangerous fumes.

Using Steel Wool, Steel Brushes or Highly Abrasive Cleaning Pads

Steel Wool

Never scrub your appliances with an abrasive sponge. These kinds of abrasive agents will scratch the grain of the steel and make your beautiful appliances appear dull. Steel wool may be ideal to clean other items in your kitchen, but it is too abrasive for your stainless steel. You should also avoid conventional steel brushes as their bristles can break apart and deposit small carbon remnants that become embedded in the steel. The particles will rust and create the appearance that the appliance is rusting.

When you clean, use non-abrasive tools such as paper towels or soft microfiber cloths. Mesh and soft sponges work well if you need extra scrubbing power. Make sure to follow the cleaning by buffing with a soft, clean and dry cloth to remove any residue remaining on the surface.